Tuesday, 29 April 2014

This is Awkward...

Well hello. It's been over 6 months, possibly more, and blogger hasn't even updated its interface. Some things never change. I'm also ill, as always. This academic one is nearly over. Ho-hum. 

 Otherwise, I have the same awkward garden photography and charity shop found clothing. I have missed blogging outfits though- at least every few days I put something on and think- I should blog this- but it just hasn't been possible at uni, what with no camera or decent place to take photos and with me being continuously ill. :/ I could write you elegies to comfortable pajamas by now.

I'm going to try and blog more this summer, though. I enjoy clothes and outfits still, and I don't know if anyone's still out-there reading this, but hey. I also love shouting into the ether. If you're still around though, thanks. More blogging coming up. Watch this space.

 Everything charity shop, except shoes- v old Nikes, and tights, TK Maxx.


  1. I'm still here! Welcome back!!
    love your tights, I've been thinking about mustard coloured tights forever, they seem so mod-y, you know

  2. I miss your posts! Hope things are working out better these days. :)