Friday, 23 August 2013

Yeah I know I'm sorry- a post full of bathroom selfies.

Vintage Market mirror feet selfie.
 New dress and 'how much can I not look like myself'.
 After end of year ball bathroom selfie.
 New hair cut bathroom selfie.
 I never wear any other shoes anymore feet picture.
 Changing room I wanna buy this jacket but I can't afford it.
 At work I am so bored bathroom selfie.
And another.

 And it's that jacket again. I bought the dress. (Cos.)

I am still here I just never go anywhere or do anything so I don't wear much of interest. *blogs in her PJs*. I will be back with random posts about baking and various markets imminently so I can pretend I am a lifestyle blogger. *wear PJs and forget to eat breakfast till 2pm playing internet games all holiday.* Snazzy.



  1. The last outfit is adorable! I love the jacket so much!