Wednesday, 3 April 2013


 This is a selection of tumblr selfies and phone photos while I was still at uni. STILL CAMERA-LESS! WOOP! But I'm home now for Easter so I'll have a few more opportunities for good camera blogging. I'm looking forward to it, I miss this blog. Also, there are loads more charity shops near here... excellent!

I hope you are all well and hopefully I shall have something a little more constructive to post soon. Meanwhile, all of this is a very realistic and everyday representation of "The Stuff I Wear." Yup.Well, I like looking at other people's clothes- so here you go! :)

 (And gym kit, because the gym has helped me feel a little human again. When I'm really down and want to curl up in a fetal position under my desk I try and go to the gym instead. I'm unfit and just cycle slowly or row for a bit, but it helps. Also gym fashion contests are HILARIOUS. It's all neon nikes and fancy leggings with patterns and colours and layered sports tops and PERFECT make-up. So odd- I end up red disheveled in charity shop clothes and Amazon's cheapest leggings. :D )


 Love you all.
Farewell till soon! :D


  1. The other day I was on a bus and the driver was lost so we were somewhere I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE EVER IN MY LIFE and some dumb guy who had attached himself to me in mcdonalds grabbed my phone and went through it and saw all my fifty billion selfies and it was awful to say the least. Plus he sucked and wouldn't leave me alone and I was kind of tipsy and ended up crying in the graveyard a few hours later because I missed my ex and I couldn't remember how to get home.
    I hope you enjoyed my life story.
    Cameraless blogging is always the worst.
    Also you have very good taste in scarves.

  2. I love your skirts, scarves, and the top you're wearing in the first photo. I'm trying to do more sports myself but pulled my muscles by error... it's kind of a ridiculous error, so I'm not gonna talk about it, but I can't really do much sports now. Maybe next week, it sucks because I was so enthusiastic.

  3. Selfies are awesome. I get kinda hesitant about posting 'em, but I love when other people post 'em (logical, I know). Love your hair btw (not sure if I've said that before??).