Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Drawn from a photograph on the wonderful blog Advanced Style.

I always look at the updates on Advanced Style, especially recently. It makes me so envious: the woman look utterly fantastic; they know who they are, they look totally awesome, and they've survived life: and I also envy their age and experience. I'm going through a very 'teenage' phase at the moment, despite the fact I'm nearly 20 (HOLYHECK). 

Making it through all those years and years and ups and downs and trials and everything- just- how?! I can't image the next few years let alone a lifetime.

So, one day, I really hope I'll get to be a lady like they are- wonderful. 


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  1. I love those ladies so much! I hope to be as awesome and confident and creative as they are when I'm that age (if I even make it to that age and don't die in some freak accident beforehand - ahh, I shouldn't be thinking such a thing). Anywho, glad to see your posts. :)