Monday, 18 February 2013

Little things: outfits, music, food

I don't have a camera, still, which is pretty much blogger death. I now wish I'd bought a fancier phone with a half decent one! Still, here are a few things that have been worn/eaten/heard recently. I'm sorry for being drifty and absent recently.

This music by a small band called Minor Kingdom has been playing, well constantly.
Also the band has it all as free downloads, and well, it's just amazing.

I've been reading essays on feminism and gender studies and queer theory over the last few weeks as part of my course, which is pretty awesome. It's also really interesting to approach it all purely academically without the 'rallying cry' type thing that goes on on Tumblr and stuff. (Which is also great, it's just, different.) I've also been living off chunky kitkats since I drifted out of being vegan. It wasn't really intentional, but I have enough hassle trying to just be a functioning person and I just wanted easier access to chocolate and to make it easier going out to eat sometimes. I know being vegan isn't hard, but I find it hard to leave my room so days, so it's all relative.

The campus cat has also taken to our house rather, which is lovely because I miss my cat back home. Someone christened him Freddy and said he also looks like the Pokemon Snorlax, which is also true. He's a massive cat. And very squishy.

 And now some random selfies. Fuzzy jumpers and hair, slightly grungy looks. I love tailored stuff and slinky stuff and smart stuff sometimes but this is the sort of thing I can wear without thinking too hard- cosy and layered and safe. My new dark red jumper below is like a fleecy towel. It's so soft!

 Everything charity shopped, a gift, or without a definite source... which makes it sound like things just pop up. Maybe they do. Hm...
Evil demon webcam photo. I've been wearing this jumper too much, I think. 
Hope you are all well.


  1. There's so much to comment on! First - that jumper definitely deserves to be worn too much. It's magical. Second - I think I'm in love with your campus cat. (It's funny how so many people have posted pics of cats on and around Valentine's Day.) Third - that's really awesome that you get to study that in school (I'm mentally noting the name Judith Butler). And fourth - I will definitely check out Minor Kingdom. Oh, and I had no clue you were vegan. How did I miss that? I've been considering taking that leap for a while now, but I need to research how to get the proper amount of protein through other foods, etc.

    Okay, this comment is getting long. Awesome post, as always! :)

  2. I love your outfit! That cat is adorable, and I love your hair!

  3. Hello! I love your jumper and would wear it too much too, if only so that I could feel its glorious fuzziness every once in a while. I also wanted to say I really like your hair (and kudos on the back-of-head shots omg they are so hard to get). Also! Your class sounds pretty awesome. I've only read about race in an academic setting (in terms of things that inspire a "'rallying cry' type thing that goes on on Tumblr"), but it's always cool to read things that feel personally relevant and that, you know, take you(r own identity) seriously.

  4. wow, what an awesome course, right behind, nutella through the ages or something:)
    I love your hair and jumper!!! and oh my god that cat is cute!!

  5. Cats have a way of worming in. Mhmmm. Cats. Hope Uni is treating you well.